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Colombian coffee output 'poised for 20-year high'

The Colombian Coffee Federation pegs output in the arabica-growing country at the highest since 1995. But Vietnam robusta prospects are more uncertain

Brazil farmland prices soar 17% in 13 months
Data from farm operator SLC Agricola show prices of bare land keeping a strong pace of growth - although there is a big variation in performance
Morgan Stanley fuels doubts over US corn, soy sowings data
The bank says officials could cut estimates for US corn sowings by "as much as 3.1m acres" - stoking a debate which is dividing the market
Hedge funds' ag selling stalls - except in wheat
Hedge funds nudge higher their exposure to rising ag commodities, against the recent trends. But this may be down to profit-taking on short bets
'Extremely volatile' dairy markets hit Dairy Crest
Shares in the UK group hit a 20-month low after it reveals a loss at its dairy operations, which will see a further two factories close
Price fall wins US wheat an order at Gasc tender
Egyptian grain officials buy US wheat at tender for the first time since February, after a tumble of 4% in prices in as many days
Grain futures plunge, but wheat premium holds firm
Con, soybean and wheat futures set fresh four-year lows, hurt by a strong dollar and big supplies. But the story is different for high protein wheat
Pakistan floods damage nearly 1m hectares of crops
Late monsoon downpours damage Pakistan's important rice and cotton crops, while too little rain curtails prospects in neighbouring India
US land market weakest since world economic crisis
US farmland prices have fallen for a 10th month, and at an accelerating rate, a study shows, showing the ag equipment market faring even worse
'Dramatic' dip in ethanol price hurts CropEnergies
The German-based biofuels group, owner of the UK's Ensus site, ditches hopes of a profit this year, despite the drop in costs of the grains it uses
Farmland Partners buys five farms in eight days
The land investor extends its farm-buying spree, including a purchase which will take it into the vegetables sector, and offer an elevated rent
EU to set harvest records in both corn and wheat
Strategie Grains lifts its estimates for European Union corn and wheat crops to record highs - but restates caution on wheat quality
English dairy herd expands for first time in 2000s
The number of dairy cows of breeding age soars, as farmers prepare for the removal of production quotas. Still, lower milk prices lie ahead
Nut prices, elevated by weather setbacks, 'to stay high'

Prices of the noble nuts, like almonds, will stay supported, after weather setbacks in California and Turkey. But "common" nuts - forget it, Olam says

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