Corn and soy prices to retreat - but not for long

Societe Generale says corn and soybean futures can work off pressure from an accelerating US harvest - clashing with ideas from some other observers

PotashCorp raises world potash demand hopes, again
The potash giant, for a third time, raises its world potash demand forecast. But setbacks at some foreign investments hold back group profits
Sipef upbeat on palm oil, rubber price prospects
The plantations group, expecting higher prices of palm oil to come, slows sales of the vegetable oil. It is optimistic on rubber values too events job vacancy's new owners, Briefing Media, are seeking a producer to run events organised around the Agrimoney brand
Price hopes slow Brazilian growers' coffee sales
Brazilian producers are "limiting" coffee sales in the expectation of higher prices ahead, Cepea says - as arabica futures tumble
'Severe' sowing delays prompt Brazil soy downgrade
Oil World, after warning over Argentine soy hopes, cuts its forecast for Brazil's harvest, cautioning that dryness has caused a "critical situation"
Russian grains in 'even worse' condition than 2009
Dryness has left Russian grains crop in poor health as freezing temperatures arrive, boding ill for output and exports next season, SovEcon says
Milk producers may have to wait for price recovery
Milk output in New Zealand, the top exporter, will keep rising, US officials say, flagging the potential for a slow revival in payouts to farmers
Yara flags dynamics behind nitrogen price rises
The fertilizer giant highlights nitrogen output "curtailments" at a time of "strong" demand. Still, Yara's profits growth disappoints investors
Egypt wheat order highlights wheat price recovery
The country's Gasc grain authority, at its third wheat tender this month, pays more than $250 a tonne, reflecting rises in a number of origins
Milk price hopes prompt PGW to expand in dairy
New Zealand retail-to-land agency group PGG Wrightson sees the downturn in milk prices as only a short-term factor
Sugar prices ease, despite 2015 fears for Brazil
Sugar output in Brazil's Centre South may dip again in 2015-16, Datagro says, dropping for a second successive year for the first time since the 1980s
Strong Russia, Ukraine grain exports boost Kernel
The sunflowers-to-silos group sees a large rise in grain export volumes this season. But its farming division will fall short of initial expectations
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Are rains too late to save Brazil's coffee crop?
Brazil's coffee plantations are to receive long-awaited rains. But Judith Ganes-Chase says drought has already caused "serious harm"
Featured market report AM markets: grains trade warily, amid plethora of signals
Sure, the US corn and soy harvest looks like it is speeding up, a negative for prices. But other factors are now rising in importance too
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